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Crossword clues for knees


n. (plural of knee English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: knee)

Usage examples of "knees".

Bill Tilden in his office and offered critique on the level of Bend Your Knees and Watch The Ball.

He stayed on his knees over the one particular spot, bearing down on it repeatedly.

His feet are stolidly on the floor, his knees spread way out wide, the way Schtitt always has to sit, on account of his varicoceles.

He got himself up onto hands and knees, urging, and the dog at last obeyed, running as he had been trained.

He opened his eyes as I dropped to my knees beside him, and gave me an unfocused smile.

He closed his eyes, put his forehead on his drawn-up knees, and breathed slowly through his mouth.

He sat down, putting his arms on his knees and his head on his arms, waiting for everything to ease.

He remained on hands and knees, eyes narrowed thoughtfully, then slowly rose to his feet, and pulled the binding off his hair.

My knees buckled, black lines writhed through my vision, and I ceased to make any distinction between up and down.

He leaned forward, elbows on his knees, interested in the story, but wary.

I felt the bones shift and crack with a tearing pain, and sank to my knees in the leaves, unable to make more than a small, breathless sound.

He came to life suddenly, and scrambled to his knees, yanking at his drooping breeches.

I sat there staring at him, arms round my knees and my mind a total blank.

She lifted her hands to his shoulders and brought him slowly down to his knees before her.

I sat down hastily, my knees weak, and picked up one of the cups he had just filled.