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alt. (form of Obsolete or dialectal plural form knee English). n. (form of Obsolete or dialectal plural form knee English).


Kneen, (pronounced "neen" with the ' K' silent), is a Manx surname. There have been several interpretations of the origin of the surname. Kneen may be an Anglicisation of the Gaelic patronymicMac Niadháin, which is derived from a pet form of the Gaelic personal nameNia meaning "champion". Another origin attributed to the surname is that Kneen may be derived from the Gaelic Mac Cianain, meaning "son of Cianan". The name Cianan being a diminutive of cian, meaning "long". Another opinion published in the 19th century is that Kneen is possibly a corruption of the surname Nevyn, and derived from the Gaelic Naomh meaning "a saint". This origin has been attributed to the name because Kneen had been thought to be confused in early documents with the surnames Nevyn and Nevyne. An Andrew John Nevyn is recorded in 1417. A Jenkin M'Nyne is recorded in 1429, and later in 1430 his name is recorded as Jenkine Mac Nevyne.

Usage examples of "kneen".

A world of ladies fall on kneen Before my lady, -- Thanking her, and placing themselves at her commandment.