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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kneed \Kneed\, a.

  1. Having knees;- used chiefly in composition; as, in-kneed; out-kneed; weak-kneed.

  2. (Bot.) Geniculated; forming an obtuse angle at the joints, like the knee when a little bent; as, kneed grass.

  1. (context in combination English) Having some specific type of knee or knees. v

  2. (en-past of: knee)

Usage examples of "kneed".

He kneed his horse into a prancing circle so that he could look in all directions.

Hugh ordered her again as he kneed his horse into a dangerous gallop up the slope.

At a word from John, young John Bellecote kneed his pony into a gallop.

He kneed Orage up the slope and closer to the ram, extending his own shield to cover the nearest man.

He kneed Orage to follow the song, not knowing why, only realizing something inside him felt incomplete without that song.

She glanced at Arne, who nodded at her, then she kneed her horse forward.

As she watched, he kneed the stallion around and headed out of town, the others trailing along behind him.

Chance led off, and after one lingering look at the cabin door, Raven kneed her mount and followed him.

His heart sank as one of the men kneed his warhorse to the front of the party.

Arnault recognized, as James the Stewart kneed his horse forward from the ranks with half a dozen mounted men-at-arms at his back.

Arnault kneed his horse a few steps forward, taking the risk that this might draw fire.

The knight kneed his horse and came up beside her, beckoning her with his hand.

With the desperation of a trapped animal, she kneed the man, sending him to the ground groaning.

When they looked at Sandry and met her glare, they reluctantly kneed their horses to either side to open a passage for her.

Presently he set himself astride a single rib and kneed himself to the top.