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n. 1 Something that should not work, but does. 2 A device assembled from components intended for disparate purposes.


Kluge is a German-derived surname. Among German-speakers, it is pronounced "KLOO-guh" and is derived from the German adjective klug (meaning "clever").

Those bearing it include:

  • Friedrich Kluge (1856–1926), German linguist
  • Günther von Kluge (1882–1944), German field marshal
  • Wolfgang von Kluge (5 May 1892 – 30 October 1976), German WWII general
  • Manfred Kluge (1928-1971), German composer
  • Walter Kluge (fl. 1930s), German luger
  • John Werner Kluge (1914-2010), German-American media entrepreneur & philanthropist
  • Arnold G. Kluge (retired 2003), American zoologist and herpetologist
  • Alexander Kluge (born 1932), German film director and author
  • Alexandra Kluge (born 1937), German actor
  • H. Jürgen Kluge (born 1941), German physicist
  • P. F. Kluge (born 1942), German-American author
  • Volker Kluge (born 1944), German journalist
  • Peer Kluge (born 1980), German footballer
  • Roger Kluge, German racing cyclist
Kluge (disambiguation)

Kluge is a German surname.

Kluge also may refer to:

  • An improvised engineering patch, also spelled kludge
  • Kluge, a German piano-keyboard maker, acquired by Steinway & Sons in 1998
  • Kluge (book), a 2008 non-fiction book by Gary Marcus
  • Die Kluge, an opera by Carl Orff
Kluge (book)

Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind is a 2008 non-fiction book by American psychologist Gary Marcus.

A "kluge" is a patched-together solution for a problem, clumsily assembled from whatever materials are immediately available. Marcus's book argues that the human brain employs many such kluges, and that evolutionary psychology often favors genes that give "immediate advantages" over genes that provide long-term value.

Usage examples of "kluge".

Enron found himself looking once again at the softer, fleshier features of the courier Kluge.

Kluge and his knights had held back in the shadows, not moving toward the great hall until after du Gaz and his party sallied forth and engaged the punkers.

The plan called for two immense forces to blast across the Russian defenses Field Marshal von Kluge from the north, Field Marshal von Manstein out of the south and converge in the center at the city of Kursk, pinching off the Soviet bulge.

The Reds had suffered terribly in their defense of Kursk, von Kluge began.

Their thirty-three hundred tanks had been depleted by a number von Kluge could only guess at: He predicted a thousand gone, maybe more.

Traax had been appointed to the position immediately after Kluges promotion to commander by the Coven.

Kluge looked down to the leaded glove on his right hand, the one that both threw and caught the returning wheel, the other great weapon of the Minions.

His name was Kluge, and he was the commander of the Minions of Day and Night, the personal army of the Coven.

As an ambitious young officer rising through the ranks of the Minions, Kluge had spent a great deal of time overseeing the birthing houses of the various Minion fortifications.

Kluge watched as the rectangular table morphed back into its original five-pointed shape, the thrones moving back to their original positions.

As if in a dream, he saw himself move slowly to the altar as Kluge and the sorceresses grinned wickedly.

Kluge looked curiously at the food, smelled it discerningly, and then took a huge bite, chewing with his mouth open.

Grabbing the Scharfuhrer by the front of his battle jacket, Kluge yanked him through the opening and, half carrying, half dragging the wounded soldier, made for the wood at the edge of the clearing.

Bringing his right hand back, Kluge slid his fingers up under the butter-knife bolt handle of his rifle and pulled it back, ejecting the spent cartridge and chambering another one as he slid the bolt forward in a single, fluid movement.

You ought to see their faces when Kluge drops a logic bomb into their work.