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A klomp (plural klompen) is a clog from the Netherlands. Klompen are whole feet clogs.

Approximately 3 million pairs of klompen are made each year. They are sold throughout the Netherlands. A large part of the market is for tourist souvenirs. However some Dutch people, particularly farmers, market gardeners, and gardeners still wear them for everyday use. Outside the tourist industry, klompen can be found best in local tool shops and garden centers.

The traditional all-wooden Dutch clogs have been officially accredited as safety shoes with the CE mark and can withstand almost any penetration including sharp objects and concentrated acids. They are actually safer than steelcapped protective shoes in some circumstances, as the wood cracks rather than dents in extreme accidents, allowing easy removal of the clog and not continued pressure on the toes by the (edge of the) steel nose.

Klompen can be made from willow or poplar.

Usage examples of "klomp".

Bobby Van Klomp had finally gotten the go-ahead to form a paratroop unit.

Conrad knew that Van Klomp was coming in, in the morning, to do the final clearing and storage arrangements.

And there, in the bright blue sunlight, stood Van Klomp, shaking his head at him.

Sergeant Klomp rolled his eyes, and, picking up his cane, which lay beside him, rose to his feet and advanced with menace on his face.

In obedience to this valid conclusion he hit Sergeant Klomp in the stomach as he advanced, caught the cane out of his hand and belaboured him the entire length of the gun-deck.

It was Sergeant Klomp, and Tristram turned it over in his mind whether to offer an apology or no.

Van Klomp believed yesterday, and the day and the week before too, sir.

Meilin spoke with an urbanity that betrayed how Van Klomp must have been making the walls shake for the last while.

Fitz had to admit that maybe Van Klomp had called the shots remarkably closely.

Every morning, once the fast has been broken, and ablutions completed, and a few household tasks done, Iris and Ruth set out in their klompen to roam Haarlem and see what is to be seen.

Van Klomp had very little doubt that the man was at the bottom of a Maggot pit somewhere, definitely not stabbed with a bangstick.

As it was, Van Klomp hit the spine with a bangstick, and hauled the youngster aside.