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Klin (mountain)

Klin ( sk. Klin, pl. Starorobociański Wierch) is a peak in the Western Tatras, on the border between Slovakia and Poland. Its summit is at 2,176 m AMSL. It is the highest peak in Polish Western Tatras. The foreground is a classic split ridge or doppelgrat, spreading under tension due to deep erosion in the valleys either side. The finest example in the Tatra is between Kamienista and Smreczynski Wierch nearby.

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Klin (air base)

Klin is an air base in Russia located 4 km north of Klin. It is halfway between Moscow and Tver, with many military transport types ( Il-76, An-12, An-26, Tu-134, etc.) in service. The airfield was active until the 1990s. Many aircraft remains are still stored on the airfield. lists the airfield as home to the 78th Separate Military Aviation Squadron of the 61st Air Army, the former Military Transport Aviation.

During the 1970s an unknown Interceptor Aviation Regiment (IAP) was stationed at Klin flying Su-15TM and MiG-23M aircraft. This regiment was disbanded in 1979.


Klin may refer to:

  • Klin, Podlaskie Voivodeship, in northeastern Poland
  • Klin, Lublin Voivodeship, in eastern Poland
  • Klin Urban Settlement, a municipal formation which the Town of Klin in Klinsky District of Moscow Oblast, Russia is incorporated as
  • Klin, Russia, several inhabited localities in Russia
  • Klin, Námestovo District, Slovakia
  • Klin (mountain), Slovakia
  • Ami Klin, American autism expert
  • Klin (air base), an air base in Moscow Oblast, Russia
  • Klin sub-machine gun, a Russian sub-machine gun
  • KLIN, a radio station in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States