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KLEY may refer to:

  • KLEY (AM), a radio station (1130 AM) licensed to serve Wellington, Kansas, United States
  • KLEY-FM, a radio station (95.7 FM) licensed to serve Jourdanton, Texas, United States
  • KTFM, a radio station (94.1 FM) licensed to serve Floresville, Texas, which held the call sign KLEY-FM from 1998 to 2005
  • Karl-Ludwig Kley (born 1951 in Munich) is the chief executive officer (CEO) and chairman of the executive board of the pharmaceutical company Merck.

KLEY (1130 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a news/talk format to the Wellington, Kansas, USA area. The station is owned by Rocking M Media, LLC.

Usage examples of "kley".

Kanemitsu, Stamitz, Pebworth, David Hockney, the Dillons, Wunderlich, Bash, Wyeth, Rothko, Kley, Campanile and Willardson.

Uncle Kleys settled into that household with scarcely a ripple to indicate his presence.

He saw Kleys and thought he saw a way to buy himself back into influence.