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Klett (Norway)

Klett is a village in Leinstrand and is a part of the Heimdal borough in Trondheim, Norway. To the north and east it borders to Heimdal and Tiller, to the west to Byneset and to the south and south-west to Melhus. Most of the area surrounding the village is farmland.


Klett may refer to:

  • Klett (Norway), a village in Trondheim, Norway
  • Arnulf Klett (1905 - 1974), mayor of Stuttgart, Germany
  • August Klett (1799 - 1869), German politician
  • August Klett (Pseudonym: August Klotz) (1866 - 1928), German schizophrenic outsider artist, born in Heilbronn
  • Theodor von Cramer-Klett (1817 - 1884), German industrialist
  • Ernst Klett Verlag, a German publishing company