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KLEP was an independent non-commercial educational television station in Newark, Arkansas, broadcasting on UHF channel 17. It broadcast local academic and public affairs programming Monday-Friday beginning at 6 P.M. Monday-Friday 1 from its 1985 sign-on until it quit broadcasting in the mid-2000s. It never returned; the corresponding broadcast license was eventually canceled on April 19, 2005.

Usage examples of "klep".

Chesley Bonestell, Fred Freeman and Rolf Klep make tangible the machines and the nature of space flight that the book describes.

Bonestell, Klep and Freeman, impressive though they are, is required to raise doubts as to the plausibility of this.

Estonian Native, aka Mestnaya estonskaya, Estonskaya loshad, Estonian Klepper, Estonian Pony.

Nichols' pick-up has a diesel motor, according to his brother, and Nichols' had been a regular diesel customer for over two months prior to the bombing, according to Shan Woods of Klepper Oil Co.