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Klęk is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Stryków, within Zgierz County, Łódź Voivodeship, in central Poland. It lies approximately south-west of Stryków, east of Zgierz, and north-east of the regional capital Łódź.

The village has a population of 120.

Klek (Karawanks)

Klek (1754 m), , also known as Petelin or Petelinjek to locals from the villages on the Slovene side below its summit, is a peak in the Western Karawanken Alps, between Golica/Kahlkogel to the east and Dovška Baba (German: ) to the west. It lies on the border between Slovenia and Austria above the town of Jesenice. On the northern side towards Carinthia the peak itself is very steep and mostly composed of brittle rock and scree and is accessible from Rosenbach on the Austrian side only via Rožca Saddle. Its northern slopes are known, due to their inaccessibility, for its alpine flora, particularly the protected edelweiss. It is more easily accessible from the Slovene side from Planina pod Golico.

The Karawanks Tunnel crosses the border between Austria and Slovenia almost right underneath Klek.

Klek (Novo Sarajevo – Sarajevo)

Klek is a village in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the 1991 census, the village is located in the municipality of Novo Sarajevo.

Klek (mountain)

Klek is a mountain of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Klek (peninsula)

Klek is the name of a small peninsula in the Adriatic Sea located southwest of Neum, Bosnia Herzegovina.

The peak of the peninsula, that lies directly across the eponymous village of Klek in Croatia, is disputed between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, who last negotiated its status in the 1999 Neum Agreement.