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Craig S. Lawson aka KLC, (born July 15, 1969) is a Record producer from the Third Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. He found fame as a member of No Limit Records' in-house production team, Beats by the Pound. Since leaving the label, he has been a member of the Medicine Men and has his own record label Overdose Entertainment.

KLC (disambiguation)
  • Craig " KLC" Lawson is a rap music producer.

KLC may also refer to:

  • KLC, the IATA code for Kaolack Airport in Senegal
  • klc, the ISO-639-3 code for the Kolbila language of Cameroon and Nigeria
  • KLC Ann Arbor (Koby Language Center), a private English language school in Michigan, USA
  • K League Classic, the top tier of South Korea's professional association football leagues
  • K League Challenge, the second tier of South Korea's professional association football leagues
  • Kimberley Land Council, an association of Australian Aboriginal people
  • Kinesin light chain, part of a protein
  • King Ling College, a secondary school in Hong Kong
  • Knights of the Lambda Calculus, a semi-fictional organization of expert LISP and Scheme hackers
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