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KLB is a rock group/ boy band from Brazil. The band consists of three brothers from São Paulo: Kiko (Franco Finato Scornavacca), Leandro Finato Scornavacca and Bruno Finato Scornavacca. KLB stands for each brother's name.

KLB (2000 album)

KLB, launched in 2000, is the first studio album by pop trio KLB, is best known as KLB (2000) and is one of the most successful albums of the band by the number of copies sold and hit singles on the radio. It was produced by composer Piska, also responsible for most of the compositions on the disc. In this album has the first four of the main successes of KLB, which are: "A dor desse amor", "Ela Não Está Aqui", "Estou em suas mãos" and "Por que tem que ser assim?". KLB (2000) was the second best selling album in Brazil in 2000, KLB (2000) marks achieved gold record, platinum, double platinum, triple platinum disc and then diamond disc for selling more than 1 million copies. Their ranges of success are "A dor desse amor", "Estou em suas mãos", "Por que tem que ser assim?" and "Ainda Vou Te Encontrar" (composed by Kiko, in honor of a girlfriend who died in a car accident)