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The Collaborative International Dictionary

klatch \klatch\, klatsch \klatsch\n. An informal group that gathers more or less frequently, especially for conversation; as, a coffee klatsch; a sewing klatsch.


n. An informal social gathering, especially one held over coffee for the purpose of conversation.

Usage examples of "klatch".

Throughout Klatch, of course, there are many stories of female warriors, often fighting alongside their men.

It sounded like some kind of coffee klatch, that met in hotel foyers to discuss intellectual theories.

It also contained a few prophecies about the coming year, and mentioned faraway places with names like Klatch and Hersheba.

Captain indicated to a vuim of his own klatch that he would be accorded the responsibility of a manual landing.

In Klatch there is a mountain with many caves, and in those caves are entombed more than a hundred thousand old books, mostly religious, each one in a white linen shroud.

It was more or less a glorified coffee klatch to which doughnuts were added as an enticement.

The mall of tomorrow is a tool for conviviality, where committees, communities, and coffee klatches all come to meet.

On those days she worked out of the Wilmington office in between coffee klatches and civic meetings, cocktail receptions and Party assemblies.

She's flirting with pinko politics and attending some sort of quasi-Commie coffee klatch every Monday night.

She was afraid they'd retire to his claustrophobic little office for the proposed coffee klatch, but he had a pot on a hotplate by the lathe.

I shook my head and followed my guide through the door, out of the church, and past the coffee klatch area.

The third-floor right-rear room has got private steps, so Beth didn't have to come in through the front door like the other girls, and she never attended any of the coffee klatches I put on for the girls after church on Sunday.

Their mothers fore-gathered every morning at the coffee klatches and their fathers sat each evening in the backyards drinking beer.

Her war stories during coffee klatches or bridge games included some almost legendary escapes.

And no-one would have thought much about it if people very like Mr Clete of the Musicians' Guild hadn't come along and made maps and put across this part of the desert an innocent little dotted line that marked a border between Klatch and Hersheba.