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KKXX may refer to:

  • KKXX-FM, a radio station (93.1 FM) licensed to Shafter, California, United States
  • KKXX (AM), a radio station (930 AM) licensed to Paradise, California, United States
  • KKXX (amino acid sequence), a sequence in the amino acid structure of a protein which keeps it from secreting from the ER

KKXX (930 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a Christian radio format. Licensed to Paradise, California, USA, the station serves the Chico area. The station is currently owned by Butte Broadcasting Company, Inc. and features programing from Salem Communications.

KKXX (amino acid sequence)

KKXX and for some proteins XKXX is a target peptide motif located in the C terminus in the amino acid structure of a protein responsible for retrieval of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) membrane proteins from the Golgi apparatus. The signal interacts with the COPI protein complex to target the ER from the cis end of the Golgi apparatus by retrograde transport.

The abbreviation KKXX is formed by the corresponding standard abbreviations for lysine (K) and any amino acid (X). This letter system was defined by the IUPAC and IUBMB in 1983, and is as follows:

  • K—Lysine
  • K—Lysine
  • X— any amino acid
  • X— any amino acid