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is a Japanese citrus fruit that is a hybrid (Citrus unshiu × Citrus sinensis) of a Miyagawa Wase mikan and a Citrus sinensis orange. The new breed was the first tangor created in Japan in 1949. It was named Kiyomi after the temple and the lagoon near its experiment station in Shizuoka city and registered as "Tangor Nōrin No.1" in 1979.

Kiyomi are sweet. Sugar content is normally 11–12° Bx and reaches even 13°Bx if conditions are met. Citric acid content is around 1%. It has no seeds. The time of ripening is mid to late March. The flavor is similar to that of a mikan, while the aroma is similar to that of an orange.

Kiyomi is a monogerm, so it is often used as a parent citrus to create new hybrids such as Dekopon.