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Kittu (crater)

Kittu crater is a crater on Jupiter's moon Ganymede. It is approximately in diameter.

The crater shows a bright white central peak and rim, and dark brownish material surrounding it. Diffuse dark rays, sprinkled thinly atop surrounding grooved terrain, emanate from the impact site. The dark material dusted over the surface is probably part of a dark impactor (asteroid or comet) which was strewn across the surface upon impact. The impactor hit grooved terrain, and a straight segment of the crater's rim was created when a portion of the rim collapsed along the trend of an older fault.

Kittu (Tamil militant)

Sathasivam Krishnakumar (; 2 January 1960 – 16 January 1993; commonly known by the nom de guerre Kittu) was a Sri Lankan Tamil rebel and leading member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a separatist Tamil militant organisation in Sri Lanka.


Kittu is a 2006 traditionally animated Indian feature film. It is the first animated film to be made in the Telugu language.It won the prestigious National Film Award and is also credited with AP state award(Nandi Award) as second best children's film 2006.

Kittu (disambiguation)
  • Kittu, a 2006 traditionally animated Indian feature film
  • Kittu (crater), crater on Ganymede
  • Kittu (Tamil militant) (1960–1993), nom de guerre of Sri Lankan Tamil rebel Sathasivam Krishnakumar