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I answered, as Kitth clambered down the side of a dip in one of the hills.

While Aine talked to Kitth and Ionn went to meet with the hunters, I wrestled with the tinderbox.

When the time was right, or at least when I thought it was right, I gathered Aine and Kitth and the boy.

I said, walking forward between two of the rows as Kitth started gathering fruit.

Before I could try to read the shame Kitth was radiating any more precisely, Vira turned back to me.

Vira, who had been watching Kitth through all this, made up her mind suddenly.

I could see some of the faces from that afternoon--not Elayn, of course, she would consider this entirely too provincial an affair, but Kitth and her child were there, along with most of the other pseudo-takens and their parents.

There was a pause in which my hands were stilled for once and in a kind of suspended silence I saw Kitth, Ilwath, Helte and the other women looking at me, expectant, anxious also, waiting for the end of the broken chain.