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n. (plural of kite English)

Kites (song)

"Kites" is a ballad written by Hal Hackady and Lee Pockriss. It was first recorded by the Rooftop Singers as their last single in 1967.

The song then became a hit for Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, the group of the Shulman brothers who went on to form the progressive band Gentle Giant. Their first releases had not been successful and they looked to their manager, John King, for inspiration. He suggested the Kites ballad, which he had obtained from Robbins' Music. This was not their preferred style but King insisted.

The song was recorded at Abbey Road using unconventional instruments such as a wind machine and included a spoken interlude in Chinese, composed of "sweet nothings" and performed by the actress Jacqui Chan, a friend of the band. The single reached number 8 in the UK in late 1967 and as an exemplar of the early psychedelic rock style it has since appeared on many compilations, especially those themed around psychedelia. It features the Mellotron.

Kites (film)

Kites is a 2010 Indian Hindi/Spanish mix language dialogue romantic action thriller film directed by Anurag Basu, story written and produced by Rakesh Roshan, starring Hrithik Roshan, Bárbara Mori, Kangana Ranaut, and Kabir Bedi. The film was released in India and in North America on 21 May 2010. Its 208-theater opening in North America made it the largest Bollywood release up to that time. It was also the first Bollywood movie to reach the weekend top ten, though My Name is Khan had a larger first-weekend North American gross. Reliance Entertainment bought worldwide distribution rights of Kites for whooping , which is a record sum. Despite a strong opening, The film only managed to collect net in its lifetime run following a critical loss. The film had been aired in a week of its release on smallscreen .

Kites (album)

Kites is the sixth studio album by the British progressive/ experimental rock band Jade Warrior released in 1976 by Island Records. Kites, more layered and complex than Waves, the duo's previous outing, took nine months to record.

Usage examples of "kites".

The large carnivores played host with their leavings to a great variety of secondary carnivores and scavengers, both four-legged and flying: foxes, hyenas, brown bears, civets, small steppe cats, wolverines, weasels, ravens, kites, hawks, and many more.

Above us the kites swing in a huge arc over the square and head into the darkness towards Union Square.

I can see the kites ahead of me when we come into the lights over Union Square.

The kites swing over Union Square and come back towards Washington Square, gearing up to begin the race when they cross Washington Square.

She is gazing up into the darkness and when the kites flash brilliant into the lights above Washington Square she shivers and takes a drink of her beer.

Washington Square Park for the second time and the kites begin to pick up speed.

Ten kites are in front of me and I sideslip slightly inside, cutting off Medicine, flying to my left.

Brooklyn to flying kites, and he tells her Random was his older brother.

He has a job as a consultant for Cuo, the company that makes the big kites, and he does commentary for one of the big vid organizations.

Susliks were the preferred prey of black kites, though the long-winged hawks also fed on other rodents, and carrion and insects as well.

Shrack, barefoot at the control pedestal, had warped the kites to those few breaths of air which disturbed the calm.

Torquasso would be on power, with kites folded, to make easting during this calm.

Shrack folded the kites and steered slowly through the sentinel rocks, into a circular bay of now placid water, ranging in color from dark blue to green.

Duskerl Bay, and presently, with folded kites, drew alongside the main jetty, where stood Nai the Hever with Eyvant Dasduke and a number of other folk.

Sea gulls were sailing like kites in the breeze and just keeping pace with the boat.