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Kisco may refer to:

  • Kisco River, a creek in New York
  • Mount Kisco, New York, a community in Westchester County
  • Kisco Senior Living, in Carlsbad, California

Usage examples of "kisco".

Jimmy had gone to the garage for a car tc drive to Mount Kisco on a personal errand, and had been told nothing doing because the scientific inspection of the Spellings' five vehicles had not been completed.

I decided to go to Mount Kisco and mail them in the post office so they would make the early morning train.

If we were to ask up in Mount Kisco or White Plains, what would we find?

She was off the train from Mount Kisco, and just kind of wandering about.

Both of them, in their prime, had made as much as the late Buddy Kisco, who had actually died for Rutgers.

Having finally discovered that the seat adjoining Miss Bart's was at her disposal, she possessed herself of it with a farther displacement of her surroundings, explaining meanwhile that she had come across from Mount Kisco in her motor-car that morning, and had been kicking her heels for an hour at Garrisons, without even the alleviation of a cigarette, her brute of a husband having neglected to replenish her case before they parted that morning.