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Kis or KIS may refer to:

  • Kis (surname)
  • KIS (weapon), a Polish World War II machine pistol
  • Kis language, spoken in Papua New Guinea
  • Cusae, a city in Upper Egypt
  • Kareby IS, a Swedish sports club
  • Kaspersky Internet Security suite
  • Knowbot Information Service, a user interface to a variety of remote directory services
  • Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns,computer game
  • -kis-, from the Greek word, , meaning "times", forming a Greek multiple numerical prefix
  • Köpings IS, a Swedish sports club
KIS (weapon)

KIS was the name of a Polish submachine gun from the time of the Second World War. It was designed and manufactured by engineers in Jan Piwnik's "Ponury" ("Grim") guerrilla unit that was operating in Holy Cross Mountains region.

The weapon was patterned after Sten, retaining its left-side magazine. Main differences were a longer barrel, with conical rear part, and lack of stock - the gun had a pistol grip instead.

Kis (surname)

Kis, Kış or Kiš, is a surname. Notable persons with that surname include:

  • Andriy Kis (born 1982), Ukrainian Olympic luger
  • Danilo Kiš (1935–1989), Serbian writer
  • Gergő Kis (born 1988), Hungarian Olympic swimmer
  • Ivana Kiš (born 1979), Croatian composer
  • János Kis (born 1943), Hungarian politician
  • Tevfik Kış (born 1934), Turkish Olympic wrestler

Usage examples of "kis".

And Danilo Kis provides precise, poetic description that verges on the exhaustive, lending his novels a Proustian or Nabokovian air, particularly in the items he makes memorable: a book, a flower, a celluloid collar.

Absently, he mopped his brow with a cloth and handed it to one of Kis stewards, come up beside him.