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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Add cherries and kirsch, honey, and vinegar.
▪ Crisp filo pastry slices are filled with bramley apple, sultanas, and black cherry with kirsch and must be served warm.
▪ Fruit and cream meringue nests Slice strawberries and drizzle with kirsch.
▪ I should like poached eggs, darling, on anchovy toast and strawberries with kirsch.
▪ Mix the prepared fruit with the kirsch and divide equally among four small ramekins. 2.
▪ Place one cake on a serving plate, spike all over with a skewer and lace with half the kirsch.
▪ Place the remaining cake on top of the cherries, spike and lace with kirsch as before. 7.
▪ Then add the Port-Salut, minced as thinly as possible, the kirsch and a pinch of Cayenne pepper.

n. (lb en often capitalized) A clear brandy made from black cherries: kirschwasser.


n. from fermented juice of black morello cherries


A kirschwasser ( ; , German for “cherry water”) or kirsch is a clear, colorless fruit brandy traditionally made from double distillation of morello cherries, a dark-colored cultivar of the sour cherry. However, it is now also made from other kinds of cherries. The cherries are fermented complete (that is, including their stones). Unlike cherry liqueurs and so-called “cherry brandies”, kirschwasser is not sweet.

The best kirschwassers have a refined taste with subtle flavors of cherry and a slight bitter-almond taste that derives from the stones.

Kirsch (disambiguation)

Kirsch is a fruit brandy.

Kirsch may also refer to:

  • Kirsch equations
  • Kirsch (surname), a surname (and list of people with the name)
Kirsch (surname)

Kirsch is a German surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adam Kirsch, an American book critic and writer
  • Brandon Kirsch, an American football player
  • Delbert Kirsch, a Canadian politician
  • Don Kirsch, an American college baseball coach
  • Ernst Gustav Kirsch, a German engineer
  • Irving Kirsch, an American professor of psychology
  • Jonathan Kirsch, an American author, lawyer and columnist
  • Mike Kirsch, an American rock guitarist
  • Olga Kirsch, a poet
  • Philippe Kirsch, a Canadian lawyer
  • Randell Kirsch, an American singer and songwriter
  • Raymond Kirsch, a Luxembourgian businessman
  • Russell A. Kirsch, created America’s first internally programmable computer and first digital image
  • Sarah Kirsch, a German poet
  • Stan Kirsch, an American actor
  • Steve Kirsch, an American inventor
  • Theodor Franz Wilhelm Kirsch (1818-1889), a German entomologist who specialised in Coleoptera

Usage examples of "kirsch".

There was a small glass in front of her: Madame Maigret had brought out the kirsch she kept for special occasions.

Whereupon Kirsch answered him in the English language or in such an imitation of it as he could command--for though he was familiar with all languages, Mr.

In the course of a few weeks, and by assiduously conversing with Herr Kirsch on the box of the carriage, Georgy made prodigious advance in the knowledge of High Dutch, and could talk to hotel waiters and postilions in a way that charmed his mother and amused his guardian.

Major in white duck trousers, and the lady with the little boy upon whom he was so sweet, even Kirsch, the courier in the gallery, stood bolt upright in their places and proclaimed themselves to be members of the dear old British nation.

And Jos creaked up the stairs to bedward, followed by Kirsch with a flambeau.

Then, looking round the room, he saw Kirsch employed as we have said, and going up to him, asked how he dared to bring Mr.

But if she did not indulge--the courier did: that rascal Kirsch could not be kept from the bottle, nor could he tell how much he took when he applied to it.

She eyed the confection on her plate and saw that it was very worthy of its opulent surroundings--peaches, Kirsch, apricot sauce and piles of whipped cream.

Richard brought them their coffee and kirsch, and Condy showed Blix how to burn a lump of sugar and sweeten the coffee with syrup.

While climbing up he thought, as he had so often recently, how unpleasant this utterly lonely life was: to reach his empty rooms he had to climb these six floors almost in secret, there put on his dressing gown, again almost in secret, light his pipe, read a little of the French magazine to which he had been subscribing for years, at the same time sip at a homemade kirsch, and finally, after half an hour, go to bed, but not before having completely rearranged his bedclothes which the unteachable charwoman would insist on arranging in her own way.

Above the table, within reach, a shelf is nailed to the wall on which stands the bottle of kirsch surrounded by little glasses.

The others much preferred to roll away the time watching in the villa or in front of the lodge, where vodka and Crimean wine, kwass and pivo, kirsch and tchi, never ran short.

He tried a tumbler of Kirsch for this and decided that it was exactly the right thing for giving the punch a subtler but at the same time more brittle tone.

Pop decided that the punch was going down rather too fast and added another harmless dash of rum, a little Kirsch, or a glass of brandy.

Sergeant Kirsch has already put in a call for the scene-of-crime crew.