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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the kirre is a magical beast, a vicious predator inhabiting the jungles of Athas in the Dark Sun campaign setting.

Usage examples of "kirre".

Captain Kirre looked like a slightly-larger-than-life-sized marble statue come suddenly to life.

It never ceased to fascinate him how a woman as passionate and tender in private as Luuj Kirre could be so tough-as-durasteel when there was an audience.

Captain Kirre flicked a switch and the artigrav generators hummed quietly to life.

Captain Kirre, who was again on duty in the Control Sector, had assembled in the Library for a pre-landing strategy meeting.

With an expert touch, Captain Kirre slowed the descent at the last moment, so that there was only a faint jar as the ship hit the water and continued to descend.

Then Vini said that if there was a battle going on there might be need for a doctor, and Captain Kirre stated flatly that if all the misfits were going, she would have to accompany them to see that they stayed out of trouble.

Captain Kirre spiralled the ship down onto the larger continent in the southern hemisphere, in open but rocky terrain near a large forest.

Tyla announced she would be in the Library if needed, and Captain Kirre said that it was her turn to stand watch.

Running toward his own freedom, Ruari assuaged his budding guilt with the thought that whatever happened to the kirre, it was better than death in the Tyr arena.

After a hearty supper of roasted kirre steaks, together with wild mountain rice seasoned with herbs, they sat down on wood benches by the fireplace to enjoy some hot, spiced tea brewed from a mixture of wild herbs.

Here, the kirre had stopped for a few moments, sniffing the air tentatively, shifting its weight slightly as it turned, then took a few more steps and sniffed again.

Already, the kirre was tense and agitated, its psionic senses alerting it that there was something wrong.

A large, six-footed, black and white striped kirre lay on the carpet in the center of the room, slowly wagging its heavy, barbed tail back and forth.