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Kirat (disambiguation)

Kirat may refer to:

Several terms related to the Kirat, Kirant, Kiranti people of Assam and Nepal and historical peoples

  • Kirati people or Kirat people, the modern ethnic group of Nepal and Assam
  • Kiranti languages, a family of Tibeto-Burman languages spoken in Nepal, Sikkim and Darjeeling Hills by the Kirat people.
  • Kirata, the hill dwelling Indo-Mongoloid people from the Himalayas and Northeast India, as mentioned in the Sanskrit literature.
  • Kirata Kingdom, kingdoms of the Kirata people of the eastern Himalayas and North-East India who took part in the Kurukshetra War along with Parvatas.

In Sikhism

  • kirat karō, the principle of honest living, a pillar of Sikhism
  • As a personal name:
    • Kirat Singh, the last Jat ruler of Gohad state in Madhya Pradesh, India (1803-1805)
    • Kirat Bhattal, actress (born 1985)

In Arabic:

  • A kirat is a unit of area in Egypt, Sudan, and Syria that equals 1/24 of a feddan, approximately 175 m2
Kirat (unit)

A kirat (Arabic: قيراط, qīrāt) is a unit of area. It is used in Egypt. One kirat equals 175 m2. One feddan equals 24 kirats.

Usage examples of "kirat".

She'd shown him her childhood home of River Run, taken a side trip into the Catha Hills to investigate the dragons' winter lairs, and stopped in at High Kirat to visit her nephew Prince Kostas and his family.

It was a long search for Kostas and his army between High Kirat and the Catha River.

Having started from High Kirat with an army of five hundred, with minimal losses in the dozen skirmishes along the road, he preferred to gamble on further losses in a decisive battle rather than leave enough of his army to pen the enemy in Catha Heights.

Once Saumer cleans out Lowland and Tilal gets here from High Kirat, our forces will be just about even.