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Kiran (given name)

Kiran ( Devanagari: किरण) is a gender neutral given name. It originates in the Sanskrit word , whose meanings include "dust" and "ray of light". Other names that sound like Kiran are Kira, Kirwan, Ciaran, Keiran and Kieran.


Kiran may refer to:

  • Kiran (given name), an Indian given name (including a list of persons with the name)
  • Kirən, a village and municipality in Azerbaijan
  • Kiran, Sri Lanka, a town in Sri Lanka
  • Kiran, a spelling variant of Karan, which may refer to several place names in Iran, see Karan, Iran (disambiguation)
  • Kiran, pseudonym of the Indian writer Kanchinath Jha
  • Kiran fonts, a Devanagari typeface and font
  • HAL Kiran, an Indian aircraft