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Kipchak may refer to:

  • the Kipchak people, a medieval Turkic people
  • the Kipchak language, an extinct Turkic language of the Kipchak group
  • Kipchak Khanate
  • Kipchak Mosque, a mosque in the village of Gypjak
  • Kipchak (village)
  • Desht-i Kipchak
  • Qıpçaq, village and municipality in the Qakh Rayon of Azerbaijan
  • Qepchaq (disambiguation), places in Iran

Usage examples of "kipchak".

Natasha saw the land of her doom, the ancient homeland of the Markovites, boreal hills that sheltered her people until they were brave enough to come down onto the plains, driving off the Kazaks and Kipchaks, then pushing back the Poles and Balts, claiming the rich black earth as their own.

Kipchaks can do it, if Lord Winter helps them and freezes the river fast.

The plague was first found in Asia, and a Kipchak army actually catapulted plague-infested corpses into a Genoise trading post.