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KIO (KDE Input/Output) is a system library incorporated into KDE Frameworks 5 and KDE Software Compilation 4. It provides access to files, web sites and other resources through a single consistent API. Applications, such as Konqueror and Dolphin, which are written using this framework, and can operate on files stored on remote servers in exactly the same way as they operate on those stored locally, effectively making KDE network-transparent. This allows for an application like Konqueror to be both a file manager as well as a web browser.

KIO slaves are libraries that provide support for individual protocols (e.g. HTTP, FTP, SMB, SSH, FISH, SFTP, SVN, TAR).

The KDE manual app KHelpCenter has a KIOSlaves section that lists the available protocols with a short description of each.

KIO (disambiguation)

KIO may refer to one of the following.

  • KIO (KDE Input/Output), part of the KDE architecture
  • Kachin Independence Organisation
  • Keep Ireland Open, an organisation that campaigns for open access to the Irish countryside
  • Kuwait Investment Office, the branch office of Kuwait Investment Authority in the City of London
  • Kio, stage name of a Soviet magician dynasty
    • Emil Kio
    • Emil Kio, Jr.
    • Igor Kio
  • Kioh (Kiō), one of seven titles in Japanese professional shogi
  • Shimoku Kio, a Japanese manga artist
  • Kio, an abbreviation of Kibioctet, a unit of information or computer storage