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Kinolhas (Raa Atoll)

Description [edit] Kinolhas ( Dhivehi: ކިނޮޅަސް) is one of the inhabited islands of the Raa Atoll administrative division of the Maldives. History[edit] According to the history of the Maldives, the island have a rich history. There is Special Tomb of a king who use to rule across Maldives. People used to go there to make promises and deeds to the king which was believed to come true. There is also a special tale story about the Kings Tomb that if a bone of a fish get stuck in the esophagus or intestine it will be cured immediately if you say "Kinolhahu Ziyaaraih" which is translated to English as the Minerat of Kinolhas. Nevertheless, now in Maldives all these beliefs are considered just tales, as they follow islam.

Education The main facility which offers the primary and secondary education in the island is the school namely Kinolhahu School in the island. There are pre-schools which provide the pre-school education to the children of the island. The data provided by island office shows that nearly 80 students study in the Kinolhahu School. Total of 11 teachers work in the school to provide education.

Health care Health Centre provide the basic health needs to the islanders such as minor injuries, cuts and common cold and flu. If the serious health issue is there, islanders have to go to the nearest Regional hospital located in the atoll capital Ungoofaaru, which will take about 45 minutes in a speed boat.

Economy Most common source of economical work for the residents are fishing and agriculture. Some of the residents also work Pearl Island Resort in Meedhuhparu Islan an Island nearby. Many residents live in Male and work there too.

Crimes The island hardly has any record of serious crimes like drug, theft and robbery.

NGOs The most active NGO in the island is Jamiyyathul Ihthihad. Jamiyyathul Ihthihad conducts various activities to islanders for the benefit and the development of the Island. Such activities include the Training Programs and Capacity Building programs on Various fields including Information Technology, Quran recitation Competitions, Football and Volleyball Competition and Bashi Ball Competition for Women. They also carryout other various awareness campaigns Targeted on areas such as Religion, Health and Education.

Migration Due to poor quality and limitations of some of basic services such as Healthcare, Education and Lack of Economical and Job Opportunities nearly 30% of the Registered Residents of the Island live in Capital Male' City.

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