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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kine \Kine\ (k[imac]n), n. pl. [For older kyen, formed like oxen, fr. AS. c[=y], itself pl. of c[=u] cow. See Cow, and cf. Kee, Kie.] Cows. ``A herd of fifty or sixty kine.''


Kin \Kin\ (k[i^]n), n. Also Kine \Kine\ (k[imac]n). [Gr. kinei^n to move.] (Physics) The unit velocity in the C. G. S. system -- a velocity of one centimeter per second.


Cow \Cow\, n.; pl. Cows (kouz); old pl. Kine (k[imac]n). [OE. cu, cou, AS. c[=u]; akin to D. koe, G. kuh, OHG. kuo, Icel. k[=y]r, Dan. & Sw. ko, L. bos ox, cow, Gr. boy^s, Skr. g[=o]. [root]223. Cf. Beef, Bovine, Bucolic, Butter, Nylghau.]

  1. The mature female of bovine animals.

  2. The female of certain large mammals, as whales, seals, etc.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

archaic plural of cow, a double plural (compare children) or genitive plural of Middle English kye "cows," from Old English cy (genitive cyna), plural of cu "cow."


n. (context archaic or dialectal English) (en-irregular pluralcow)


n. domesticated bovine animals as a group regardless of sex or age; "so many head of cattle"; "wait till the cows come home"; "seven thin and ill-favored kine"- Bible; "a team of oxen" [syn: cattle, cows, oxen, Bos taurus]


KINE may refer to:

  • KINE (AM), a radio station (1330 AM) licensed to Kingsville, Texas, United States
  • KINE-FM, a radio station (105.1 FM) licensed to Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
  • KINE-LP, a low-power television station (channel 44) licensed to Robstown, Texas, United States

KINE (1330 AM, "La Tejanita Christiana") is a radio station broadcasting a Spanish religious format. Licensed to Kingsville, Texas, USA, the station serves the Kingsville- Alice- Falfurrias area. The station is currently owned by Cotton Broadcasting.

Usage examples of "kine".

Three days hence is the hosting, and thither bear along Your wains and your kine for the slaughter lest the journey should be long.

And here the breath of kine And sheep grew more sweet by that breath of thine.

Tell, ancient hedger of Onchestus green, Whether a drove of kine has passed this way, All heifers with crooked horns?

Yoked kine bawled in confusion and were whipped all the harder by their sweating, frustrated drivers.

The terrifying word of them flew before them, and the strong and able either fled or took to their keeps or mottes or fortified steadings with all their retainers, kindred, and kine, while the weak and helpless rushed to join immediately they came in proximity to the red-handed worshipers of the Mother.

The galleys nibbled hard at the coasts of Kennedy lands, raiding, looting, burning, killing, raping, destroying standing crops, and slaying all kine they did not bear away.

There had been few real halts to the production of food crops and kine husbandry, and such shortages of foodstuffs as had occurred in the land had been caused not by the lack but by the fully understandable reluctance of folk to transport it to or even near the stricken centers of population.

Scottish war, and count the kine and plough the fields like peasants, while our peers are charging on the pagan, and the banners wave, and the blood runs red upon the holy sands of Palestine?

Trees, kine, and the outlines of barns showed shadowy about them when they alighted, and Mr.

Judith had made clear to them, long since, that whatever disputes she might have with aspects of their beliefs and customs, she was a firm believer in the Biblical precept about not muzzling the kine that tread the grain.

The ivied walls, and purplish roof lichened yellow in places, the quiet meadows harbouring ponies and kine, reaching from it to the sea--all was mellow.

Or lowing of the kine, Grows nearer in the midnight The rushing of the Rhine.

Now for all the women to tend kine, to don armour of bronze, and to cleave with the plough-share the wheat-bearing fields, was easier than the works of Athena, with which they were busied aforetime.

And at the same time the bleating of sheep came to the heroes through the mist and the lowing of kine, near at hand, smote their ears.

Ike, who ran a surf shop called Dada Kine out at Pleasure Point in south Santa Cruz.