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Kinch is an indie pop band from Phoenix, Arizona. Their sound has been described as "an alt-rock pop style reminiscent of a few Brit bands, hearkening back to the sensibilities of '60s garage rock." The band's debut album, Advances, was honored as the Best Arizona Album of 2008 by the Phoenix New Times. Their pop sound has drawn comparisons to Coldplay and The Strokes, while others have likened them to Ben Folds, Rick Ross and Blur. The name 'Kinch' is a reference to the character Stephen Dedalus in the novel Ulysses by James Joyce.

Kinch (surname)

Kinch is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Arturo Kinch (born 1956), Costa Rican olympic skier
  • Beverly Kinch (born 1964), British long jumper and sprinter
  • Chad Kinch (1958–1994), American basketball player
  • David Kinch, American chef
  • Matt Kinch (born 1980), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Myra Kinch (1904–1981), American choreographer
  • Soweto Kinch (born 1978), British saxophonist
  • Steve Kinch, bass guitar player

Usage examples of "kinch".

God, Kinch, if you and I could only work together we might do something for the island.

Master Kinch, leathery-faced and taciturn, shouted back a few words each time, around the pipe in his teeth.

Master Kinch shifted his pipe to the corner of his mouth and spat between his teeth.

A few nodded to Master Kinch, not as if they knew him, but in a neutral greeting.

Master Kinch nodded back in much the same way, but despite his unchanging expression there was a hint of approval in his nod.

Master Kinch took his pipe from between his teeth and pursed his lips thoughtfully before going on.

Master Kinch glanced at them out of the corner of his eye, then shifted his pipe again, and flapped the reins.

Master Kinch glanced at Mat out of the corner of his eye, and puffed his pipe in silence for a while.

Carysford, longer than Rand had thought it would take from what Master Kinch said when he let them down.

Hyam Kinch had talked about strange shapes, and there had surely enough been a Fade back there.

Rand tried to remember what he had heard from Master Kinch, and since from Master Gill.

Master Kinch might not have liked Taringail Damodred too wellneither did anyone else that he had heardbut the son was well thought of by wearers of the red and the white alike, if talk in the city was any guide.

Coach Stew Kinch retired after that glorious season, ending a twenty-two-year career at Boulder High.

The husbands spotted their old football coach, Stew Kinch, and abandoned the women, who themselves started searching for the refreshment table.

Uncle Kinch had lost a leg at Cold-Harbor, in the Confederate service, but this misfortune did not imbitter his spirit nor check the flow of his brilliant wit that had descended to him from a long line of Irish ancestry.