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n. The national currency of Papua New Guinea, divided into 100 toea


n. the basic unit of money in Papua New Guinea


KINA (910 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a news/talk format. Licensed to Salina, Kansas, USA, the station serves Salina and communities to the northwest. The station is currently owned by Eagle Communications.

KINA originally went on the air in April 1964 as KLSI. A group headed by Sam Bradley fought with broadcaster Sherwood Parks over the original CP (construction permit) for almost 6 years beginning around 1958 until the two agreed to put the station on the air jointly in 1964. The call letters would change to KINA in September 1970.

The broadcast studios were located at 108 E. Walnut in downtown Salina and programmed Top-40 music to a teen audience and the servicemen at Schilling Air Base, which was still operational in 1964. By the late 1970s KINA was broadcasting country music.

KINA’s dial position at 910 kHz would prove troublesome, as it was exactly on the second harmonic of radios with a 455 kHz IF (intermediate frequency). This resulted in an annoying tone or whistle in the background of the station’s programming. This problem has since been overcome with modern digital radios.

Under the current news and talk format, KINA currently airs such syndicated talk shows as The Laura Ingraham Show, The Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, The Mark Levin Show, as well as two local talk shows and Fox Sports Radio overnights and weekends. KINA is also a radio affiliate of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kina (musician)

Kina Cosper (born January 25, 1969) is an American musician, best known for her work with Grammy Award-nominated group Brownstone (after their nomination), and her 2000 solo single "Girl from the Gutter". She is currently working on new music.

Kina (animal)

Evechinus chloroticus, better known as kina (from the Māori name), is a sea urchin endemic to New Zealand. This echinoderm belongs to the family Echinometridae and it can reach a maximum diameter of 16–17 cm (Barker 2007).

Kina have been a traditional component of Māori diet since pre-European times and has been fished commercially since 1986 in small quantities under the quota management system in restricted areas along the coast of New Zealand (Barker 2007, James et al.2007). Attempts to export E. chloroticus to Asian markets have been unsuccessful, so it may not be an economically attractive species for aquaculture development (James 2003, James 2010).

Evechinus chloroticus is distributed throughout New Zealand and in some northern and southern offshore islands (Dix 1970a, Barker 2007).

Usage examples of "kina".

And even some damage to Overlook, up where Longshadow had bickered with his pals and then everybody had quarreled with Kina.

Elements of Kina myth could be hammered into conformity with the tenets of the only true religion, given a quick coat of blackwash, and I would have completed a course of religious acrobatics elegant enough to spark the pride of my childhood teachers.

Kina la Forge had shown him a chart of the position of derelicts in the Sargasso.

While the goddess was using her, Lady was limpeting herself to Kina so she could suck off power she could use herself.