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Kime is a Japanese word. It is the noun form of the verb "kimeru," which means "to decide,". (Random House, 1996, Japanese-English, English-Japanese Dictionary, p. 126).

Kime is a commonly used Japanese martial arts term. In karate it can mean "power" and/or "focus," describing the instantaneous tensing at the correct moment during a technique. The tension at this time is mostly focused on the dantian ("hara") and abdomen. In judo, the " Kime-no-kata" is often translated to " Kata of Decision." In other budō, the term refers to attacking a pressure point. In all cases, certain finality is implied.

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Kime (surname)

Kime is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Geoff Kime (born 1958), English-born Australian darts player
  • Hal Kime (1898–1939), American baseball player
  • J. William Kime (1934–2006), United States Coast Guard admiral
  • Jamie Kime, American guitarist

Usage examples of "kime".

Carry on as normally as possible, and hope that Admiral Kime does a better job next time around.

Her huge body wavered at first as the programs and pilot—Adam wondered whether it was Kime himself—analyzed the nonsymmetric mass distribution along the fuselage.