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n. (plural of kilowatt English)

KiloWatts (musician)

James Watts, also known by the moniker KiloWatts, is a Philadelphia-based producer and composer of electronica, breakbeat, techno, and ambient.

KiloWatts has toured across Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States since 2002. His 2007 release Ground State was said to lead the devoted listener to a state of total hypnosis by Side-Line Magazine. In 2006, Igloo Magazine called his album Routes "a lifetime of travel compressed into an hour of aural head-tripping." His project with Tanner Ross, entitled Voodeux, was reviewed by XLR8R Magazine and could only be described as "...if maverick producers Ricardo Villalobos and Bruno Pronsato plundered Lustmord's harddrive full of tar-black ambience..." His collaboration with Bluetech, called Invisible Allies, was included in Headphone Commute's Best Of 2010 collection.

Usage examples of "kilowatts".

Big Lil-Lilien Industries of Pennsylvania built the huge machine and a news writer coined the descriptive name which stuck-was a monster delivering a million and a quarter kilowatts of electric power.

That last week our peak load was twenty-two million kilowatts, and demand is growing by a million kilowatts a year.

Combined output of the generators was, at this moment, better than seven hundred thousand kilowatts, more than enough electricity to sustain a major city.

L transmission system was deprived, without warning, of three million two hundred thousand kilowatts of power, at a time when the utility was operating with a thin reserve, and on a warm May afternoon with load demand unseasonably high because of widespread use of air-conditioners.

An hour ago the last ready reserve-twin gas turbines at a power plant near Fresno, 65,ooo kilowatts each-bad had its status raised to 11 spinning.

Light proposed to build at Tunipah was an enormous generating plant, capable of producing more than five million kilowatts of electricity-enough to supply six cities the size of San Francisco.

The steam, in turn, rotated a turbine generator wbich-along with other boilers and turbines at Cberokee-supplied almost three quarters of a million kilowatts to power-hungry Denver and environs.

L would be deprived of seven hundred thousand kilowatts from its normally reliable geothermal source, and would need to find an equivalent amount of power elsewhere.

Two huge power stations produced enough kilowatts to keep the massive wheels of the USSR.

Gone without a trace were the millions, of kilowatts that once had been splashed carelessly towards the stars.