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n. (context slang US English) A gathering of friends for the purpose of gossiping and chit-chat.


Kiki may refer to:


KIKI (990 AM, "Fox Sports 990") is a sports radio station licensed to Honolulu, Hawaii, and owned by .

Kiki (given name)

Kiki is the given name of:

  • Kiki Dimoula (born 1931), Greek poet
  • Kiki Djan (1957-2004), Ghanaian keyboardist with the band Osibisa
  • Kiki Kogelnik (1935-1997), Austrian painter, sculptor and filmmaker
  • Kiki McDonough, British jewellery designer.
  • Kiki Sheung (born 1958), Hong Kong actress
  • Kiki Smith (born 1954), American feminist artist
Kiki (magazine)

Kiki was an interactive youth magazine published bi-monthly for girls between the ages of 8 and 14. The magazine had its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Kiki (1931 film)

Kiki is a 1931 American Pre-Code romantic comedy, starring Mary Pickford and Reginald Denny, which was directed by Sam Taylor. The film is a remake of the 1926 version starring Norma Talmadge.

Kiki (1926 film)

Kiki is a 1926 silent romantic comedy film directed by Clarence Brown and starring Norma Talmadge and Ronald Colman. The film is based upon a 1920 novel of the same name by André Picard, which was later adapted by David Belasco and performed on Broadway to great success in 1921 by his muse Lenore Ulric.

The film was restored from the only three "rather incomplete" surviving copies, one each in English, French and Czech. As noted in the prologue to the restored film, the English and French story lines differ.

Kiki (gathering)

A "kiki" (alternately kiking or a ki) is a term which grew out of Black and Latino- loosely defined as an expression of laughter or onomatopoeia for laughing, which extended to mean a gathering of friends for the purpose of gossiping and chit-chat, and later made more widely known in the song " Let's Have a Kiki" by the Scissor Sisters.

Kiki (nickname)

Kiki is the nickname of the following people:

  • Enrique Camarena (DEA agent) (1947–1985), murdered undercover agent for the United States Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Kiki Carter (born 1957), American environmental activist, singer/songwriter and columnist
  • Kiki Curls (born 1968), Democratic member of the Missouri Senate
  • Kiki Cutter (born 1951), American alpine skier
  • Kiki Cuyler (1898–1950), American baseball player
  • Kiki Håkansson (born c. 1929), winner of the first Miss World beauty pageant in 1951
  • Kiki Musampa (born 1977), Dutch footballer
  • Kiki Preston (1898–1946), American socialite and alleged mother of a son born out of wedlock with HRH Prince George, Duke of Kent
  • Alice Prin (1901–1953), French artist, writer and model known as "Kiki de Montparnasse" or "Kiki"
  • Kiki Sanford (born 1974), American research scientist in neurophysiology
  • Kierra Sheard (born 1987), American gospel and R&B singer
  • Kiki Vandeweghe (born 1958), American basketball player and sports analyst
Kiki (1932 film)

Kiki is a 1932 French-German musical comedy film directed by Carl Lamac and starring Anny Ondra, Hermann Thimig and Berthe Ostyn. It is based on the 1920 novel Kiki by André Picard. The film's sets were designed by the art director Heinz Fenchel. A separate French-language version was made, also starring Ondra.

Kiki (2016 film)

Kiki is an American- Swedish coproduced documentary film, released in 2016. Directed by Sara Jordenö and considered an unofficial sequel to the influential 1990 film Paris Is Burning, the film profiles several young LGBT people of colour participating in contemporary LGBT African American ball culture.

The film premiered on January 26, 2016 at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. It was subsequently screened at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival, where it won a Teddy Award as the best LGBT-related documentary film.

Jordenö was invited to create the film by Twiggy Pucci Garcon, a leader in the kiki community in New York. She cowrote the film with him.

Usage examples of "kiki".

A dog barked at Kiki, and she sat on a fence and mewed like a cat at him.

She smiled round at the four children, and Kiki put up her crest in delighted welcome.

She was sorry for him and offered to arrange with a woman in the village to look after Kiki for him.

Mannering said no more, and even when Kiki sat on the tea-table and picked all the currants out of the cake before anyone noticed, she didn't say a word.

They were all certain it was Kiki, and Philip had a shrewd idea that Jack wouldn't be quite so surprised about it as they themselves were.

Jack was sitting on his bed in the cabin, and Kiki was on his shoulder, making a curious crooning noise into his ear, pulling at it gently.

Yes, even arranged for the chain to snap and for Kiki to see or hear you at your porthole.

Mannering felt all right again — and Kiki grew very impatient at being kept in the cabin.

She was sitting behind the little curtain that hung at the side of the porthole, which Jack had to keep shut in case Kiki flew out.

The children soon got used to the smell, though Kiki didn't, judging by the number of "Poohs" she said.

He watched Kiki closely, and soon realized that no dog barked unless Kiki was in the cabin.

He was a very fine shot, and soon Kiki was flying round the cabin trying to find a place to hide from the volley of articles that Micky was sending after her — hair-brushes, combs, a roll of films, anything he could get hold of!

It's bad enough having those other spoilt kids around — always wanting to mess about with Micky, and trying to get Kiki to talk to them.

Jack and the others watched them go with pleasure, and Kiki screeched after them.

The children always knew when he was coming because Kiki invariably gave them warning.