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Kihuyo is a settlement in Kenya's Central Province, located seven kilometers from Nyeri.

It neighbours the Njegu region located in one of Kenya's largest coffee growing zones, and thus has one of Kenya's raw coffee berry processing facilities. The Sasini Coffee Plantation Facility has its own communal facility where fresh coffee berries are processed and dried for further processing later on. Kihuyo and the surrounding areas including Njegu also practice mixed-farming.

Kihuyo Region has two major Public Schools: Kihuyo Primary School and Kihuyo Secondary School. In addition to this, the region also contains one private academy school: Muhoya Academy School. Kihuyo's religion is Christian; no other religious groups making a dramatic impact. Kihuyo Shopping center is a small marketplace characterized with small stone buildings and an open field; standing in the market center one has a grand view of Nyeri hill. Kihuyo's water sources include Nyeri Municipal Water System NWASCO and two rivers: the Ihururu river and the Muringato river.