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Kight is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Charlotte Kight (born 1988), New Zealand netball player
  • Dylan Kight (born 1984), American singer-songwriter
  • Jonny Kight (born 1980), English filmmaker and actor
  • Kelvin Kight (born 1982), American football player
  • Lenore Kight (1911–2000), American swimmer
  • Morris Kight (1919–2003), American gay rights activist
  • Richard T. Kight (1913–2001), commander of the U.S. Air Rescue Service from 1946–1952

Usage examples of "kight".

Madoc surmised that men who sang opera and oratorio as often as Pitney and Kight did were accustomed to hearing loud soprano shrieks and could shut them out at will.

He was just thinking he might snatch a bite for himself when Ainsworth Kight swam into view, reeking of charm and throat spray and clamoring for honey to put in his tea.

As there is only one Ainsworth Kight, so everyone else counts as audience except his accompanist for whom he has a fondness, you understand, but did not bring on this tour.