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n. 1 A kind of cannabis smoked in Morocco and Algeria, for narcotic or intoxicating effect. 2 The trichome of marijuana, a green powdery substance that falls from dry marijuana high in THC and other cannabinoid compounds.


KIF may refer to:

  • kief, a finely sifted product of cannabis
  • KIF Kolding, a team handball club based in Kolding, Denmark
  • Kif Kroker, a fictional character in the animated television show Futurama
  • Kingfisher Lake Airport serving Kingfisher Lake, Ontario, Canada
  • Knowledge Interchange Format, a computer-oriented language for the interchange of knowledge among disparate computer programs
  • Københavns Idræts Forening, Denmark's oldest athletics club
  • a clipped cannabis leaf product smoked in a Moroccan sebsi
  • an alien race in the Chanur novels by C. J. Cherryh
  • an iOS Functional Testing Framework, " Keep It Functional" aka "kif". (On github @

Usage examples of "kif".

And if we finish early enough, we can plant a little kif here in this field.

He kept thinking of how hard he had worked there in Rehreh, and he felt certain that when the kif was ripe the Rifi would not keep his word.

That day he dug up the topsoil in the kif patch and made a high pile of it, to get rid of all the creosote that had soaked into the earth.

Djibli had gone, the Rifi sprinkled his kif plants with water and gently spread the tarpaulins over them.

One day when the Rifi stood looking at his kif, he saw a wild boar going along the path.

Djibli had been thinking of the kif he had expected to carry back with him to the city.

Before he got home he had already resolved to kill the new batch of kif as well.

Rifi knew who had destroyed his kif, and he realized that the boar had made it possible for him to kill the Djibli without any guilt.

He ate more than usual that day, and smoked a great deal of kif as well.

It took patience and intelligence, and a good deal of kif besides, to learn how to sit as he did, waiting for the birds to come.

Then the man bought a kilo of swordfish, paid for it, and went home, his head singing with the kif he had smoked.

Then, having a great deal of kif in his head, he poured what was left of the oil into the depression in the bottom of the bottle.

As he stepped into the open and felt the fresh air inside him, all the kif he had smoked suddenly blossomed in his brain.

Since they both liked to smoke kif and eat hashish, they decided to live together.

Because I knew how to make good kif, and I was making it for real smokers.