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Kien may refer to:

  • A person's name
In Vietnamese, e.g. emperor Kiến Phúc In Korean, e.g. Dr Foo Wan Kien In Hong Kong, e.g. actor Shih Kien A Slavic surname In German, e.g. Kiefer is derived from Kien-Föhre In Ireland, e.g. warrior In Scotland, e.g. a weapon
  • A geographical place
In Vietnam, Kiên Giang Province Kien, Bern, a village in the municipality of Reichenbach im Kandertal in the Swiss canton of Bern Kien, Burkina Faso, a village in Burkina Faso
  • A character in games
A sword in the game Darkstalkers
Kien (album)

Kien is a 2008 album by the Japanese group Bleach. It shows the band continuing to mature in the direction indicated by their previous album, Migi Mo Hidari Mo Shihai Suru Atama Wa Kyou Mo Niku O Kui Yodare.

Usage examples of "kien".

Then, and only then, had Kien moved on to the city and joined the army of the fledgling Republic of Vietnam.

Brennan and his men had captured documents that contained enough evidence to connect General Kien solidly with all his various criminal activities, from prostitution to drug running to consorting with the North Vietnamese.

Once he reached base, exhausted and more than a little delirious from wounds, infection, and fever, he made the mistake of denouncing Kien to his commanding officer.

Somehow he managed to control himself, and rather than a court-martial he was let off with a warning to leave General Kien alone.

Latham created the jumpers, and Kien controlled them through his loyal lieutenant.

His eyes were as flat and hard as Kien remembered them, though they had an even greater bleakness, as if a major new worry was gnawing at him.

That was all the advantage Kien needed to finally crush his long-time foe.

Annoyed, Kien opened his mouth to say something, then suddenly closed it.

When Kien had set the trap to catch the disloyal Philip Cunningham, he used his own corpse as bait, having been jumped into the body of Leslie Christian.

It failed Kien why anybody would waste his time like that, but he allowed lesser men their divertimenti.

Rick and Mick looked at each other, and Kien realized that neither wanted to be the bearer of bad tidings.

Rick and Mick looked at each other, looked back at Kien, and shrugged.

Rick held it up, giving it another shake as Kien slipped out of the car.

Wyrm approached, still looking angry, and Kien drew back behind his desk.

His father, Kien thought, had been such a hypocrite, always crying and moaning about how poor they were.