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Usage examples of "kidlet".

Blue Duck and its hot dank club-y-ness may be the place to be when you are tall and trendy and your hearing is already shot, but for a short kidlet, big hair and loud noises bore, and the cigarillo smoke scratches.

Tonight, combine typical holiday mayhem with the rising magickal flood and Goddess knows what will be out, hungry and yummy for some sweet tender kidlet chow.

Sure enough, my kidlet had managed to strip off his shirt, his pants, and his Pull-Ups.

A wooden gate had been secured across the stairs to the second floor and what I assumed was the basement door had a hook-and-eye closure to prevent kidlets from tumbling headlong into the yawning abyss.

The parents were calling and complaining about how freaked out their kidlets were, so we decided to move it to the far end.

Arthur, my lad, join our happy family as one of my kidlets, and love us all--but no one in particular.