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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1790, "clever; showy, gaudy," from kick (n.) + -y (2). Meaning "full of thrills, providing kicks" is from 1968.


a. 1 lively, exciting, thrilling. 2 (context cricket English) Describing a wicket that causes the ball to sometimes kick (bounce unevenly).

Usage examples of "kicky".

Rita had thought that going out with a process serveractually making calls with himwould be a kicky thing to do.

The roar of the bomber faded, and he played on, and then settled into a kicky lick that set me on a expedition on the bugle, that left me blue in the face.

The murderer got black ribbons hanging in her hair, like a kicky Rastafarian.

The ocean mirrored the sky, and its kicky waves foretold a storm brewing.

It rode on a kicky little wind that had the tender green leaves shivering and foamed the surf.

Gluck shook his head in amazement at what some people found kicky, then went back to his stake-out.

The conservatively styled BMWs and Infinitis looked drab in contrast, though somebody had spiced up his love life with one of those kicky little BMW Z4 Roadsters in sleek, polished silver.

And World War Two was a kicky little war, especially in the desert, where everybody observed the Geneva Convention and exchanged prisoners and let the Red Cross zap about with parcels and a post office.