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n. (alternative spelling of kick start English) vb. (alternative spelling of kick start English)


Kickstart can refer to:

  • kick start, the task of using the foot activated starter (the kickstarter) on a motorcycle
Software and technology
  • Kickstart (Amiga), the bootstrap of the Amiga computers developed by Commodore
  • Kickstart (Linux), a network installation system for some Linux distributions
  • Yahoo! Kickstart, a professional network from Yahoo!
  • BlackBerry KickStart, the codename for the Pearl smartphone
  • Kickstart (orthosis), the Kickstart Walking System by Cadence Biomedical
Groups and programs
  • Kickstart, Homes and Communities Agency funding programme for private housing in the UK
  • Kickstart Kids, a U.S. charity founded by Chuck Norris
  • Kickstarter, the derivative concept of online funding platform for creative projects
  • KickStart International, a non-profit organization that provides irrigation technology to farmers in Africa
  • "Kickstarts" (song), a song by Example
  • Kick Start, an album by the English band The Lambrettas
  • Kick Start (TV series), a UK television series on motor bike competitions, and a spinoff computer game
Kickstart (Linux)

The Red Hat Kickstart installation methodAnaconda/Kickstart definition from the Fedora project is used primarily (but not exclusively) by the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system to automatically perform unattended operating system installation and configuration. Red Hat publishes Cobbler as a tool to automate the Kickstart configuration process.

Kickstart (Amiga)

Kickstart is the bootstrap firmware of the Amiga computers developed by Commodore.

Most Amiga models were shipped with the Kickstart firmware stored on ROM chips. Its purpose is to initialize the Amiga hardware and core components of AmigaOS and then attempt to boot from a bootable volume, such as a floppy disk.

Usage examples of "kickstart".

Muttering something or other under his breath, Toenail opened the choke, flicked down the kickstart, and stood on it and jumped.

He located the kickstart under the ball of his foot, lifted himself in the saddle and jumped again.

As usually happened, the kickstart slipped from under his foot and came up sharply against his shin.

We just need to give a few bolts up here a couple extra turns and then kickstart it off.

Waiting for a puff of smoke to shoot from the exhaust, Judge swung a leg over the ripped seat and kickstarted the engine.

It used its own mass to seal the ruptured tissues while it kickstarted the `regular' healing process.

It used its own mass to seal the ruptured tissues while it kickstarted the ‘regular’ healing process.