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n. (context US English) A Japanese-American who is born in the United States but primarily educated in Japan.


Kibei was a term often used in the 1940s to describe Japanese Americans born in the United States who returned to America after receiving their education in Japan. The exact number is not known--perhaps about 11,000.

Those men who were in school in Japan in late 1941 typically entered the Japanese army. Those on the West coast of the United States were interned. Many volunteered for service with the U.S., especially as translators.

Another case was Minoru Wada, an American citizen educated in Japan who served as a Japanese Army junior officer. He was taken prisoner in the Philippines in 1945. He provided U.S. bomber crews with vital intelligence, and led the aircraft in a highly successful attack on the headquarters of the Japanese 100th Division. He was motivated by a desire to minimize the loss of life through aiding to effect a swift end to the Pacific War.

Usage examples of "kibei".

The absence of the other guests, the pursuit of Kibei Dono, who only seeks to compromise her and secure her expulsion from the house, or even death at the hand of Kwaiba Dono, has driven her well nigh mad.

As he adjusted the awkward efforts of Kibei on one side, this amateur valet made a mess of it on the other.

The stiff courage of Kibei made him ashamed openly to air his weakness.

He raved so for the woman that Kibei thought her presence would quiet him.

Tearing up a grave stick Kibei rushed into the pack, driving off the animals.

Between Kwaiba and Kibei, the wild debauchery of the last year had brought the House to the verge of ruin.

With matters to attend to close at hand Kibei will use other conveyance.

As Kibei with drawn sword stood over him, he squatted on his hams, crouching and begging for life.

As Kibei turned into the corridor the voice of the Oiran caught his ear as she sang in accompaniment to the instrument.