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Kia or KIA may refer to:

Usage examples of "kia".

They had hit it off since the first day when Murdock was named to replace Lieutenant Vincent Cotter, who had been KIA in the Shuba airport raid in Iraq.

On that mission we had one KIA American, one wounded American, two Bru dead or wounded.

In the part of a federal equal-opportunity form where Randy would simply check a box labeled CAUCASIAN, Kia would have to attach multiple sheets on which her family tree would be ramified backwards through time ten or twelve generations until reaching ancestors who could actually be pegged to one specific ethnic group without glossing anything over, and those ethnic groups would be intimidatingly hip ones--not Swedes, let's say, but Lapps, and not Chinese but Hakka, and not Spanish but Basque.

Anyway, Kia does a great job (it is part of the unspoken social contract with these people that they always do an absolutely fantastic job) and she has sent e-mail to Randy notifying him that she has recently fielded four trans-Pacific telephone calls from America Shaftoe, who wants to know Randy's whereabouts, plans, state of mind, and purity of spirit.