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Khushal (name)

Khushal is an ethnic Pashtun given name used in Afghanistan and the Pashtun tribal regions of Pakistan. The word "khushal" means happy in Pashto. It also may derive from the Pashto root word meaning happy or pleasant. Today there is a relatively large residential section of Kabul named Khushal Khan district in honor of Pashtun warrior and poet, Khushal Khan Khattak. Many Pashtun villages throughout Afghanistan are given the name Khushal also.

Despite this name being predominantly used by Pashtun Muslims and generally viewed as a Pashtun name, it is also sometimes used by Indian Sikhs. A likely reason is the root, "khush" having similar meanings in not only Hindi but all Indo-Iranian languages.

  • Khushal Khan Khattak
  • Khushal Singh

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  • Khushal (name)
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