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Khor is an ancient region located in the south of ancient Syria, probably around modern Lebanon. It has long been an outpost of ancient Egypt.

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Khor (disambiguation)
  • Al Khor is a town in Qatar.
  • Al-Khor Sports Club is a football club in Qatar.
  • Khor is an ancient region in Syria.
  • Khor River is a river in Russia.
  • Khor, Khabarovsk Krai is an urban-type settlement in Russia.
  • Khor is an Fictional currency of Syldavia

Usage examples of "khor".

Even as the sleeper lid rose, Khor could see the console lights flashing and he could hear the intermittent buzzer.

An hour later Khor, Eratosthenes, and Ne-tiy had wound the last of the linen strips around the hydraulic tubes, refilled the depleted oil surge tank, and secured the amphora of natron in the storage locker.

As he stood on the balcony with the girl, Khor found himself thinking of Queva, and Ne-tiy, and how they seemed to blend into one person, one passionate loving mind.

From another compartment he pulled out the ball that Khor had tossed to him on the balcony.

Even as the sleeper lid rose, Khor could see the console lights flashing and could hear the intermittent buzzer.

She escaped further parley by jumping up on the garden edge away from Khor, who had just been set free for the day.

The government has also announced programs to create heavy industry, such as new iron and steel and aluminum works, to build another petrochemical complex, to upgrade fertilizer plants, and to reconstruct the offshore oil export terminals at Khor al Amaya and Mina al Bakr.

In a halting conversation with one of the crew, a coast Arab from a fishing village to the north called Khor al Fakhan, he learned that Muscat was backed by volcanic mountains of indescribable brutality.

Camel Corps moved down from the gloomy ridge of Khor Gwob, thirty-five miles southwest of Suakin, into the plateau of Sinkat.

Abou Fatma of the Kabbabish tribe was sleeping under a boulder on the Khor Gwob.

Another talked to him, too, of his first ibex shot in the Khor Baraka, and of antelope stalked in the mountains northward of Suakin.

He saw only the white city by the Red Sea shimmering in the heat, the brown plains about it with their tangle of halfa grass, and in the distance the hills towards Khor Gwob.

Cormac saw Nadir Tous, Kojar Mirza, Shalmar Khor, Yussef el Mekru and Justus Zenor.

Nadir Tous, Kojar Mirza and Shalmar Khor stood apart from each other and their followers bunched behind them in glaring, weapon-thumbing groups.

Mirza slew Selim and wounded a Circassian, but Shalmar Khor slashed through his arm-muscles, Justus Zehor ran in and stabbed the Kurd in the ribs, and Kojar Mirza went down, snapping like a dying wolf, to be hacked to pieces.