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KHNC (1360 AM) "The Lion" is a privately owned radio station broadcasting a conservative talk radio format. The station is owned and operated by Donald A. and Sharon E. Wiedeman and is licensed in Johnstown, Colorado. The station's primary programming genres are health, investments, preparedness and biblically based teaching with political perspectives generally in line with a consistently conservative platform, although no formal affiliation or collaboration with any particular political party exists. This independently owned Colorado radio station is supported by its dedicated listeners including local and national advertisers.

Locally originated daily or weekly programs include, Ahavat Torah, hosted by Pastor Don Wiedeman and Pastor Michael Golden, teaching Biblical insights on the Torah, Tenakh, the Hebraic Roots of Christianity and Biblical Messianic Judaism with some perspectives on Christian Zionism. Pastor Wiedeman is the Sr. Pastor for one of the oldest Denver based Messianic Congregations; Beth Messiah, and Pastor Michael Golden (former professional musician, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from The Starlight Ramblers) is a Pastor of the Hebrew Roots Congregation, The Voice Of Many Waters in Johnstown, CO. Other long term regular programming include natural health and wellness on The Healthy Nature Show with Sharon Wiedeman, Chiropractic and herbal health with The Green Herb and the variety program; Golden Revelation, hosted by Dani Golden who covers social, moral, political,health and spiritual insights from a biblical perspective.

KHNC is a local affiliate for The Alex Jones Show and Liberty Radio hosted by Dr. Stan Monteith, both syndicated. The station also carries The Patriot Radio News Hour with Eric Cedarstrom and Joe Jaquint. The station airs News and Views with Larry and Chuck Bates from the Information Radio Network (IRN) and carries regular daily shows with perspectives from Howard Riell of Riell Truth out of Nevada.

KHNC has been on the air since April, 1995 and has been a "Forerunner" in bringing cutting edge conservative news talk to the masses before it was popular and launched many of today's well-known TV and Radio Hosts. KHNC has also been a pioneer in presenting natural health, preparedness education and Bible teaching to Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming long before many similar types of radio stations popped up on the scene. KHNC is also heard through internet broadcasting at and has been dubbed for many years as one of the most unusual and eclectic radio stations in the world.