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Khingz is a hip-hop MC from Seattle, Washington. He was named Best MC Of The Year by Seattle Weekly readers in 2009 after the Juneteenth release of his most recent full-length album, From Slaveships To Spaceships; critics at The Stranger, SoundNW Magazine, and Seattle Weekly described the album "royally awesome," "deeply revelatory, transformative," and "one of the boldest and most soul-baring albums [of 2009]." The emcee, now known for his socially conscious and politically liberal lyrics, was heavily involved in a gang between the ages of 10 and 20; he told Seattle Weekly that period of his life "shaped who he is now" and that "certain tell-all scars from those days linger."

Khingz gained a reputation as a skilled battle emcee in the early 2000s. From 2001 to 2008, the emcee performed and released music as part of hip-hop group Abyssinian Creole with Gabriel Teodros. Khingz is also a member of Seattle-based hip-hop supergroup Good Medicine (with Geologic of Blue Scholars, Gabriel Teodros, and Macklemore), the trio Hi-Life Soundsystem (with B-Flat and Crispy of Godspeed), and The Livin Yard (with Gabriel Teodros and Nam). His first solo album, Mi Vida Negra, was released under the name Khalil Crisis in 2001; Khingz also released an album entitled Daze Like This with Maroon Colony in 1999, under the emcee name Krisys.

Khingz maintains an active blog on Blogspot called Flying Dragon Punch.