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n. (alternative spelling of chi English) (uppercase Χ, lowercase χ), the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet.


n. the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet [syn: chi]


KHI may refer to:

  • IATA code for Jinnah International Airport at Karachi, Pakistan
  • Abbreviation for Karachi City
  • Kevin Harvick Incorporated, a NASCAR team
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries a Japanese multinational corporation
  • Karnatak Health Institute, an experiment in providing rural health care in India
  • Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor

Usage examples of "khi".

It is only the sharing of khi that unites the dancers with those who watch them.

An Aurenfaie screen of thin parchment blocked the window, except for a small hole by which the khi could come and go.

You disturb the khi of my murdered kinsman with your pres­ence, but you'll soon be gone.

But I promise you now, by the khi of our parents, that what I'm doing is honorable and right.

The Iia'sidra and the rhui'auros—they made me ya'shel khi when they sent me away so young.