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Khatun ( Mongolian: , khatun, хатан khatan; khātūn; , plural ; ) is a female title of nobility and counterpart to " khan" prominently used in the Turkic Khaganate and in the subsequent Mongol Empire. It is equivalent to " queen regnant" or " empress regnant", approximately.

Usage examples of "khatun".

Even my old mother, the Dowager Khatun Sorghaktani, who long ago converted to that faith, is still so besotted with it that she harangues me and every other pagan she meets.

On his left sat his first and chief wife, the Khatun Jamui, then his aged mother, the Dowager Khatun Sorghaktani, then his three other wives.

When the Khan Kubilai made her his first wife, and she therefore became the Khatun Jamui, I accompanied her to this court.

Of jewels and gold and jade and such, she eventually owned a trove that a Khatun might envy, but she always treasured one thing most of all.

There was more than a suggestion of the Tatar about him--rightly so, since he was no more the son of Selim the Grim, than of Hafsza Khatun, princess of Crimea.