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n. (context India Pakistan English) food, a meal

Khana (poet)

Khana (Bengali: খনা, pron. khawnaa) was an Indian poet and legendary astrologer, who composed in the medieval Bengali language between the ninth and 12th centuries AD. She is associated with the village Deuli, in Barasat district, West Bengal.

Her poetry, known as khanar bachan (or vachan) (meaning "khana's words"), among the earliest compositions in Bengali literature, is known for its agricultural themes. The short couplets or quatrains reflect a robust common sense, as in this paean to industry:

thakte balad na kare chas tar dukhkha baro mas "He who owns oxen, but does not plough, his sorry state lasts twelve months of the year."

Khana may refer to:

  • Khana (poet)
  • Khana, Nigeria, a Local Government Area in Rivers State
  • Khana (Home), home in the Dari language of Afghanistan
  • Khana Junction in Bardhaman district, West Bengal, India
  • Khana, Arghakhanchi A village in Arghakhanchi district, Nepal

Usage examples of "khana".

Her Hebrew name was Khana, but Henyeh--a Slavic variant imported into Yiddish--was what she was always called.