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KHAM (103.1 FM) is a commercial radio station that is licensed to serve the Britt, Iowa area. KHAM is licensed to Coloff Media, LLC.

KHAM was first licensed on October 18, 2002.

Kham (disambiguation)

Kham is an area of eastern Tibet.

Kham may also refer to:

  • Kham Magar, an ethnic minority in the Himalayan foothills of western Nepal
  • Kham language or Khamkura, the Tibeto-Burman language spoken by Kham Magars
  • KHAM, a USA radio station
  • Kham District, a district of Xiangkhouang Province, Laos
  • Naw Kham, Burmese drug lord
  • KHAM theory, in politics of Gujarat